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Product code: CF-SX455This is our new multi-color/ white confetti cannon. This multi-colored confetti/ white popper is the perfect accessory to add to any New Year's Eve party, birthday party, or graduation party. All you do is twist the cannon and out flies all the confetti! This is sure to be a big hit. This confetti cannon measures approximately..

1 oz = 4.00


At approximately 6" In length and 6" In width this beautiful peacock ornament Is a great add to your Christmas tree. Clear with silver glitter outlined on designs of the peacock make It able to go with and/or match any theme you may have decided with on your Christmas tree...

1 piece + 4.25


Misc SampleThis one of a kind Penn State door hanger is perfect for football season. It is cushioned with a soft filling and it is soft to the touch. it is made of a felt like material. it features the Penn State logo a football helmet and a football. This the perfect addition to your next party or tailgate Bar B Q. It is 20" long by 15" wide. &nbs..

1 piece = 5.00


HB-101Come and check out our new Mardi Gras braclets in purple, green and gold.  These braclets are great for throws during Mardi Gras and the little girls will love wearing them during play time with their friends.  Can also be used as party favors...

1 piece = 2.25

1 bag - 6 pieces = 11.75


Product code: HS-5659This is our new pink and white swirl bead. Each swirl is approximately an inch long and has gold spacer beads between each swirl. NOTE: We are UNABLE to ship bead products to California due to state restrictions...

1 piece = 2.50

1 bag - 1 dozen = 21.45


Product code: HS-5635If you're on the hunt for buried treasure look no further with this bead. Crafted on a 42" strand of 10mm pink and 7mm black spacers beads.  These beads have pink pirate flags with white skulls and black crossed swords which measure 2 1/4" by 1 1/2". Perfect for any pirate-themed party or event.NOTE: We are UNABLE to s..

1 piece = 3.25

1 bag - 1 dozen = 29.50


SL-COIGO-Gold Coins..

1 bag = 5.95


Product Code: PE59This bracelet is made of black leather. It has a spiked studs surrounding a center patch that features a pirate skull in a pirate hat with crossbones and skull. It has chains and swords. It has three snaps to fit almost any wrist. This bracelet is 9" long and 3" wide...

1 piece = 5.95


PL-ALL1313" Plush Alligator - Fun for Mardi-Gras, birthday parties, ..

1 bag + 2.75


S-078PCome and check out our new plush bear.  Kids will love this plush bear as a stuffed animal.  Great for decorating a child's room or bed with this bear or great first gift for a newborn.  Comes in baby blue or pretty pink...

Pink + 4.95


S-024Come on in and see our 6" Plush Dalmation pups.  These little plush dalmation pups are great for kids to play with and they make great throws at Mardi Gras  as well.  Come on in and check them out...

6 pieces + 11.65


At approximately 10" In length these adorably plush leopards come In a cream white color with light blue spots that are outlined with dark brown. With big brown eyes , cute little ears, long legs, long tail and arms spread open ready to hug the excited Individual lucky enough to catch the little guy during a parade!! You can say no to this one!!&nb..

1 bag - 4 pieces + 8.85


Our new piggy bank ground hog "Phil" is a great gift for a child learning to save and what a fun way to put your money away in our friendly face Phil!! Phil is a brown groundhog with a black tux and a black top hat on. He has blue eyes and a friendly smile with a wave. Make sure to get yours today!!..

1 piece = 0.00

1 piece = 9.95


A-103Come on in and check out our new Purple, green and gold Shawl.  This shawl will be great to wear during Mardi gras season.  Perfect for parades, parties, etc...

1 piece = 12.95


Product code: D-CF22223mm red elephant confetti. ..

1 oz = 1.25

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