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Product code: These colorful bracelets make the perfect favor for any birthday party or Rainbow pride event. Beads in the shape of bones criss-cross each other to form a cluster design. The beads are strung on an elastic band, so one size fits all. Each bag contains one dozen bracelets, so you'll have plenty to share...

1 bag - 1 dozen = 7.95


Product code: HB-001C6 1 dozen per bagElastic band fits most wrists.  ..

1 bag - 1 dozen = 4.95


Product Code: D-6902RBS Dress up your flip flops for the Fourth of July with these patriotic jeweled stickers. Zig-zag patterned in gem stones of red, blue, and silver, they couldn't be easier to attach. Just peel off the backing and press onto the straps of your flip flops. Each set comes with two strips measuring approximately .5" x ..

1 Piece - $.99 = 0.99


Product code:SERP-RWB Perfect for decorating your next Fourth of July get together! These rolls of thin cut paper are easy to uncoil for a quick and easy instant festive look. And no parade would be complete without a few rolls of serpentine. Available in single rolls and boxes of 50 rolls...

1 roll = 0.85

50 rolls = 20.00


The perfect complement to any formal outfit. This set includes the glamorous collar-style rhinestone necklace, with rhinestones hanging in two different lengths, and a pair of dangling earrings. Add some sparkle to your ball gown with one easy jewelry set...

Set (Necklace and Earrings) - $29.85 = 29.85


Product code: TMG-QUEENBe a queen, if only for a day! This rhinestone brooch spells out in bold letters exactly what your royal title should be. Whether you're actually a member of a Mardi Gras royal court or not doesn't matter--you can accessorize like a queen any day of the year. Measures approximately 1/2" tall and1 3/4" long...

1 piece = 9.95


Product Code: ROACHES Item: 097138667380 Location: These items are great for pranking someone, especially someone who's afraid of creepy crawlies! At 1.5" in length, these brown rubber roaches are very realistic looking. Also good when scattered around in random places at a Halloween party!  ..

1 bag/12pcs - $3.15 = 3.15


Product code: T-130The fun Mardi Gras colored spiraling footballs would make an awesome party favor or parade throw! They are 7" and are purple, yellow, green,and come in a bag of a dozen...

1 bag - 1 dozen = 12.45


Product Code:T-103..

1 Piece - $3.95 = 3.95


Product code: P-104 6-dozen per bagThese lovely emerald green shamrock doubloons are great for a St. Patrick's Day party or parade! Whether used as decoration or throws, you can't go wrong with these fun, festive party pieces!  ..

1 bag - 6 dozen = 5.95


Product code: T-607..

1 bag - 1 dozen = 4.95


Product code: 214107This elegant White Pearl Bracelet with Pink Crystal Fluer de Lis Ribbon is a great accessory on any outfit. It features a white pearl band accent by a small pink ribbon lined with pink crystals and a small fleur de lis in the middle. It's perfect for showing your support for the fight against breast cancer at events and parties...

1 piece = 9.95


Product code: SERP-WHITE This plain white serpentine is perfect for any occasion where you need a quick and easy decoration. It also makes a wonderful celebratory throw at a wedding or bridal shower. Available in single rolls and boxes of 50 rolls...

1 roll = 0.85

50 rolls = 20.00


S-442Say Hello to our new 12" Plush Unicorns. These cuties come in three different colors being Pink, Yellow and Teal. Our Pink Unicorn comes with three little hearts on each side of her in colors of purple, yellow. and teal. She has blue eyes and a teal horn,tail and mane. Our next little lady is yellow and she also has three hearts on each side w..

Pink = 6.95

Yellow = 6.95

Teal = 6.95


S-441Our new plush alligators are approximately 14" tall. These fun sized , stuffed critters come in three different colors. Yellow, pink and green. All with white bellies and white under the snout. They have cute little heart shaped nostrils, big white eyes and each with there own unique expression, little arms an legs and fins to match each ones ..

Green = 8.85

Pink = 8.85

Yellow = 8.85

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