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Product code: SG-GLJUM1 dozen per bag10" Jumbo SunglassesThese fun, jumbo sunglasses come in assorted colors. They measure approximately 10" wide. Have some fun and make people laugh with these jumbo sunglasses!..


Product Code: T-21310" Plastic Police Batons These 10" plastic police baton or Billy Club as some call it have been associated with parades and other fun festivities for many years. The plastic batons measure 10" in length and come 1 dozen to a bag in black. Plastic Police batons make a great party favor no matter the occassion and certainly pa..

10 pieces = 8.25


Product code: T-4106 dozen per bag11" plastic flutes in assorted colors. Make great parade throws or party favors...

1 bag - 6 dozen = 7.25


Product code: T-41112 dozen per bag11" plastic snake whistles in purple, green and gold. These whistles make excellent party favors or parade throws...

1 bag - 12 dozen = 7.25


Product code: T-111 Have a blast slinging these flying frisbee discs through the air at any birthday party, beach party, family reunion or even as throws at a parade. They are approximately 13" frisbees that come in Purple, Green, and Gold or Blue and Red. One of each color in a pack...


Product code: D-6335A rubber blade is attached to a 19" bamboo stick and decorated with purple, green, and gold feathers. Each bag comes with six tomahawks and six spears...


Product code: CA-WHISP1 dozen per bagThese colorful 2" whistles come on a spiral band that makes throwing and carrying them a breeze...

1 bag - 1 dozen = 3.95


Product code: T-1574612 dozen per bagThese lightweight, brightly-colored footballs measure approximately 2.5" long. Grab a bag for your next parade, party, or event...

1 bag - 12 dozen = 9.20


Product code: JK-RUBCH Rubber chicken measuring approximately 21" long...

1 piece = 5.95


Product Code: T-214A Item: Plastic Sword w/sheath  ..

1 bag/6pcs - $6.95 = 6.95


Product code: T-27895BR1 dozen per bagNot only are these footballs great for Mardi Gras throws, they work well for pep rallies, Homecoming or tailgating parties. ..

1 bag - 1 dozen = 11.95


Product code: T-27895PGG1 dozen per bagThese festive footballs are great parade throws.  They are 3.5" x 5.5" each.  ..

1 bag - 1 dozen = 11.95


Product code: T-284141 dozen per bag4" yellow soccer balls with purple and green patches...

1 bag - 1 dozen = 11.95


Product code: T-28399 1-dozen per bag Throw a little team spirit someone's way with these fun sports balls! Each package contains a dozen 4 inch balls, including footballs, basketballs, soccerballs and baseballs. Makes a great throw at a Mardi Gras, Christmas, or any other kind of parade!..

1 bag - 1 dozen = 11.95


Product code: FS-TAMBO1 dozen per bagThese 5" lively tambourines come in a mixed bag of assorted colors. No single color selection is available for this item...

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