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How to Throw the Best 4th of July Bash

How to throw the best 4th of july bash

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There’s not a day Americans look forward to more than Independence Day. It’s an excuse to let our patriotism spill over in exuberance with cook outs and celebrations no other country can scoff at, at least for 24 hours. To truly take advantage of the day our forefathers fought for, here are a few ti...

How to Make Birthday Party Bags Your Kids Will Enjoy for Months

How to make birthday party bags your kids will enjoy for months

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What’s in Your Bag? Below is a ‘get started’ list to help stimulate your creativity and fuel your ideas. With all the options available, you can mix and match all types of party favors to go into the bag. Toomey’s carries some of the most popular birthday baggie gifts for children. Rub...

Photo Booth Props

Photo booth props

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Mardi Gras masks. Nothing makes a better prop in a photo booth than a mask. Mardi Gras masks come in lots of different colors, shapes, and sizes. Everyone in your group will stand out with his or her own unique mask. Bring all the styles together and smile at the camera! (These are also inexpensive ...

Party Supplies to Make Your Summer Shindig Excellent

Party supplies to make your summer shindig excellent

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Confetti Poppers Whoever said that confetti is just a ‘New Year’s Eve’ thing only got out of the house once a year. Confetti creates energy in any room, and everyone loves throwing it. Thanks to confetti poppers, you now have a built in canon for that added boost. Snacks Some of the most popula...

Mardi Gras Beads - The History

Mardi gras beads - the history

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Mardi Gras started many years ago in Mobile, Alabama. It’s been called the wildest fete in the U.S., and for good reason: Every year, droves of party goers flock to New Orleans to take in the floats, the festivities and the food, and to leave their mark on the Big Easy.The throwing of Mardi Gra...

How to make your own Second Line Umbrella

How to make your own second line umbrella

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Of course, the first thing you need is an umbrella. Think about your color palette. Sometimes all black is in order, and sometimes, the traditional colors of purple, green, and gold would be best. Of course, depending on the occasion, you can use any colors you like. Pick up a few ornaments and d...

2016 Mardi Gras Parade Schedule Mobile, AL

2016 mardi gras parade schedule mobile, al

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All parades roll on Route A unless otherwise noted. Parade schedule dates and times are subject to change. Check this page for updates. Friday, January 22 6:30 PM Conde Cavaliers Parade Saturday, January 23 2:30 PM Bayport Parading Society Parade 6:30 PM Pharaohs' Mystic Society Parade 7...