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Product code: A-26596GDThese gold suspenders measure 1" wide and stretch to ensure a comfortable fit...

1 pair = 4.25


HA-28278GNCome on in and check out our new Derby Hat.  The Derby Hat would be great for kids at birthday parties, Mardi Gras and Halloween.  This hat is green in color with a green ribbon around the hat...

1 piece + 6.45


Product code: T-209Set of foil tinsel pompoms in green. Measures approximately 15" from handle to end...

1 piece = 1.50


HA-28297Come and check out our new St. Patty's Day  Cowboy Hat.  This hat would be great for any party or Mardi Gras parade.   You can add this hat to any child's costume.  This would be a fun add to your attire for St. Patty's day. It has it own country style with Gold shamrock and green sequins...

1 piece + 9.95


HA-28500MG-MG TALL HATThis hat is perfect for any Mardi Gras Parade or themed party. It is approximately 11 inches tall , it is a one size fits all. It is purple , green and gold in color and has several Fleur de lis wrapped around the band all in gold. This hat is going to get you all the attention as you stroll down the street to your next parade..

1 piece = 9.25


Product code: A-207Child-sized hot pink tutu with stars. One size...

1 piece = 3.25


Product code: CO-2004This kid's pirate costume is the perfect costume for any little pirate in training. This costume comes with a white shirt with a little red tie on the front, a red and white stripped silky pants, a black vest, and a red belt that ties in the back of the costume. This costume is fun for Halloween, or for any time the kids want t..

1 costume = 6.00


Product code: CO-2003Check out our kid's witch costume! This costume is a black dress with sheer sleeves with spider webs down the sleeves. It also has a yellow tie down the front of it.  This costume is perfect for any kids who want to be a witch for Halloween and are sure to have others in the neighborhood jealous! (hat in the picture not in..

1 piece = 10.00


These new gold & purple sequence fedoras have style written all over them and to make them even better, they light up!! Mardi Gras gold & purple with white lights coming from the top and 5 more spread through out on the side. The lights come with three settings. Come get yours today!!..

Gold = 10.25

Purple = 10.25


Get Into character with these light up pirate eye patches!!With two different kinds, one with a skull and bones and the other being a blue eye; they both light up with colors of blue, red and orange with a  push of a button!!  Great add to your Pirate costume!!..

1 piece = 1.85


These styling light up sunglasses will have the kids feeling to cool for school!! Coming In colors of red & blue with a push of a button these unique shades will light up In four different settings, streaming through the sunglasses..

Blue = 3.50

Red = 3.50


This Mardi Gras Sequin Bow Tie is a perfect accessory for your Mardi Gras attire ..

1 piece = 3.85


This purple velvet top hat has gold trip with green velvet ribbon on the Inside with a gold rose on the side and a green feather to go with It!! Perfect Mardi Gras add for your Mardi Gras look this year!!..

1 piece + 8.95


Product Code: PE59This bracelet is made of black leather. It has a spiked studs surrounding a center patch that features a pirate skull in a pirate hat with crossbones and skull. It has chains and swords. It has three snaps to fit almost any wrist. This bracelet is 9" long and 3" wide...

1 piece = 5.95


Product code: CO-03Black pop up bat costume with bat wings. This costume has a glow in the dark bat face. This 3 piece bat costumes has a pop up bat and 2 wings. This costume will fit a toddle to small child. With it glow in the dark face you are sure to pick out which child is yours. With this costume being 100% polyester it will retain its great ..

1 bag - 3 pieces = 7.50

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